Thursday, January 26, 2012

Primitive Hearts

I FINALLY listened to the Primitive Hearts' demo. Since I haven't been able to make a trip up to 1-2-3-4 Go! records in awhile, I don't have the tape, but I did download their songs from Bandcamp. And you can too:

Okay, okay, now the music. This demo RULES! What can I say, I'm a fan of poppy/garage/60s/fun goodness. "Killin' Time" has now been stuck in my head for two days, and I sure hope it stays that way!

If you happen to be going to the Slabtown Bender in Portland this year, you can catch them there! They are opening for Wreckless Eric. Cool!

Here is their Facebook:

Friday, January 6, 2012

Beauty Routine

I get told quite a bit that I have "beautiful skin". It's strange for me, since only recently have I been happy with it! As a teenager (like every teenager) I had regular bouts of acne. I was diagnosed with Dysmenorrhea when I was about 15, and put onto oral birth control. My acne cleared, but with the use of drugstore products, my skin often felt dry and unhealthy. I then wore tons of makeup to cover up these flaws.

I've never been much of a believer in beauty products. To me, one should accept their attributes and flaws, and not spend thousands of dollars on "fixes". Recently, I switched to a Clinique line of products and have never been happier. When women ask me what my beauty routine is, this is what I say:

1. Water!!! Drink water, and lots of it. Seriously, the best health advice I was ever given was to drink water. I think "8 glasses a day" is a bit over the top, but drink as much as you need to so that you don't feel thirsty. I also add a bit of lemon for taste and digestive purposes! I also avoid coffee and soda, and choose various teas, or sparkling water instead.

2. Be Healthy. As a lover of pizza and Taco Supremes, I know eating healthy can be difficult. A year ago (!!!) I switched from being a vegan to a happy carnivore. I was vegetarian/vegan for about four years before that. I started eating meat again for several reasons, but overall I am happy with my decision. After the big switch, I ate very unhealthy, and slowly but surely started eating a healthy diet. Overall, I try to limit my fast food intake to "emergencies" only, and have cut out soda completely. It's all about balance!

3. Face Wash. I wash my face twice a day: once in the morning, and once at night during my shower. Both times I use a product called Clinique Liquid Facial Soap for Dry Combination skin. Before I also used it with the toner, but found the combination of the products was too drying. Of the line, it's my favorite, and even when I can't afford the other products, I always make sure to buy this.

4. Moisturizer. After washing my face I use a face moisturizer that is very similar to cold cream. In the morning I use, Clinique Superdefense SPF 25, and in the evening I use Clinique Youth Surge Night. I like how the morning moisturizer has sunscreen protection, and at night my face is protected with anti-aging ingredients. Aveeno also makes a GREAT drugstore moisturizer that is SPF 30. If I can't afford these, I buy that one!

The thing I like best about all three Clinique products is that, although they are expensive, they last a long time. Less is more! I only have to use a small amount of each product, so they last much longer than drugstore brands.

5. Makeup. I don't really do anything special for makeup. I used to spend a lot of money on MAC products, but have come to realize that I can get very similar products at the drugstore. I will say, that when I can afford it, I will always splurge for MAC liquid eyeliner. It's the one in the little pot, I can't remember what it's called, but it's FANTASTIC. Other than that, I use drugstore products. I'm cheap, so I usually buy whatever is on sale (eek) but prefer the True Match line by L'oreal in the neutral palest shade they have. I overall wear very little makeup: foundation, powder, blush, and mascara. If I'm going out, I might add lipstick or eyeliner, but I usually prefer less makeup.

6. Sleep. Lastly, I try to get between 8 and 9 hours of sleep every night. I like to wake up refreshed! I feel that it has an overall positive effect on my well being!

I hope this entry was helpful! If you have any beauty tips or advice, please let me know :)